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Question 1:

Which is the first r&b Laurel Aitken recorded?

 1. Boogie with the Bartender 
 2. Boogie in my Bones 
 3. Aitken’s Boogie 
 4. Bartender 

Question 2:

Who was the first producer Aitken worked for?

 1. Baba Motta 
 2. Stanley Motta 
 3. King Edwards 
 4. C.Seymour Dodd 

Question 3:

Who was the drums player in the band of Laurel's brother, Bobby? (and the Caribbeats)

 1. Aston “Wackee” Henry 
 2. Hugh Malcom 
 3. Paul Douglas 
 4. Winston Grennan 

Question 4:

Which is the title of the first demo of The Cookoomackastick?

 1. Live in Studio 1 
 2. Live in Ferrara 
 3. Rocksteady Emotions 
 4. Emo Rocksteady 
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