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Internet, 30 November 2005: SkabadiP is back online!

We are pleased to announce you once again the come back, after a pause of some months, of the first Italian website exclusively committed to musical styles such as Ska, Rocksteady & Early Reggae.
So, we wish to reaffirm the goals and purposes of the renewed the spreading of all the news coming from the universe of the funniest and absolutely most danceable music in the world; all of that will be done along with the usual consideration and respect for the oldies and through their right and careful examination, and finally giving our usual and strong support to the young & talented bands coming either from Italy or abroad.
Therefore, we wish to inform our readers, and also record companies, bands and agencies which provide Italian and foreign artists with gigs all around in the latest years, that announcements about the release of new albums and/or Italian and European tours, TV guest-appearances, flyers and anything else concerning Ska – can be sent to the mail-box address , the same address will be available for any request concerning the permission to copy and to use texts and/or materials owned by Skabadip.
Please contact Sergio Rallo ( or Francesco Spadoni ( for every other communication regarding the forwarding of CDs for reviews and articles online, and any other kind of advertisements or requests for interviews even by web mail; and let us know your general questions, requests, or simply send your comments and suggestions to the mailing address:
Moreover, we feel it is our duty, on this particular and significant occasion, to seize the opportunity of thanking sincerely all the people (friends, acquaintances & perfect strangers!) who sent their reassuring appreciations on the work we’ve done and… also their sincere incitement not to give up! Thank you, it is also thanks to you that we’re back here again.
Finally, Sergio “Da Prophet” Rallo wants to give his particular and best thanks to both the persons who truly and effectually have made this event possible and, at last, a reality today: the untiring and patient Paolo “Jabba” Ressia, working under the company Mithia s.r.l, which hosts us for free on its own servers, and the man that has made possible to use this renewed website today, Francesco “Sdraba” Spadoni that, besides being the Webmaster of this site, will devote himself to such tasks as that of the critic reviewer, writer and interviewer, as a great lover and fan (and how he really is!) of the Original Early Ska. He will be your reference-point for the organizations of events, while you can ask the omnipresent Sergio “Da Prophet” Rallo any question and explanation about the history and the evolution of the Ska and Reggae music and… believe me, you can trust his answers!
Also, special thanks must be given to the man who strongly wanted, 8 years ago, to give birth to the first Italian site dedicated to Ska music. We are talking about eclectic Alessandro Melazzini who, besides ensuring future contributions on the upbeat theme, he’s going to be always reachable at the address in order that everyone can know that what Ale has given is only Skabadip “helm”, surely not his passion for the beat which has remained unchanged and intact.
At last, we want you to know that the precious partnership with Lea Borrelli will continue as the “lead female vocals” of this site, as well as Giacomo Barzaghi will go on with his careful work of updating. Here are some of the new partners of that are worth-mentioning: we recommend you our keen authority on all trends and fashion-styles relating to ska, skinhead & mod, and the original “ruud bwoy” Andrea ”DJ Erby” De Gregorio, who’s always ready (at to hang around wherever and whenever they’re playing Ska/Rocksteady ‘n’ Original Early Reggae, and the ready-steady translators Silvia Cavenaghi e Paolo Della Mora, always at your disposal.



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